Crossroads Serenade: A Novel

Meredith is managing okay since she left her hometown of Crossroads, Montana—she’s working, paying the rent and putting food on the table for herself and her child, anyway. No matter how much time passes, though, she can’t let go of Pete, the only man she’s ever loved. Or the fact that her best friend is dead. How can I move on, Meredith asks herself again and again, when my sweet child is such a painful reminder? Her son is five when Meredith returns to Crossroads to claim The Serenade—a popular hotel, bar and restaurant—which she inherits from a dear friend who had treated her like family when her own family did not. She’s not sure if going home will really give her the fresh start she’s been looking for, or just reopen old wounds and resurrect old nightmares. Get your copy through Amazon TODAY!

About The Author

Image of Laurie Adair GroveI grew up, the fourth of five children, with parents who loved nature and the great outdoors and had a healthy respect for books. We moved around the Northwestern USA, including Oregon, Washington, and Montana, which is probably why tall evergreens, majestic mountains and wide open spaces all make me feel at home. That life style fit right in with the way my husband, George, and I moved around when he was in the USMC. Eventually we settled in a rural area of western Oregon to raise our family, which is where I can often be found working on my next book!

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